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Photography and Videography


Photography and videography play a crucial role in promoting and marketing your business. High quality content increase conversion rate on your website and boost sales.

Lifestyle content for Hotels, Villas and Airbnb

Lifestyle photography and videography show potential guests how good they will feel if they stay with you. Our goal is to help future guests to see themselves relaxing at the pool or chilling in their room. 


We’ve worked with luxury hotels and villas and would love to help you 

Fauvve Indigo Pool Bali .JPG

We create lifestyle photography for :

  • Hotels

  • Villas

  • Airbnb

  • Resorts 

  • Tourism boards

  • Travel agency 

Lifestyle content for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

Fauvve Indigo Restaurant Bali.JPG

Struggle to find new photos and videos for your social media posts and digital marketing ? We create content of your food and beverage, bringing your restaurant experience alive in captivating lifestyle photography and video.

Restaurant / Bar / Dining / Event

Brand photography and videography

Fauvve Islands and sea sac 8.JPG
Fauvve Islands and sea sac 2.JPG
Fauvve Islands and sea sac 13.JPG

Rather you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or personal brand, we work together to create contents that represent you.

We create contents of merchandise and product to use for organic ads, website, email marketing, and social media platforms such as Instagram.

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