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Who are we






If you're on this page to learn more about our diplomas and studies related to photography, you're gonna be disappointed. 


In 2019, we left France to fulfill the experience of a life, of our life. A journey across Australia and New Zealand. Many hours of hard work over many months to achieve our ultimate goal : to travel, film and photograph. 


We travelled all around New Zealand in our van, our little traveling home. We started to enjoy taking photos and videos. The possibility of capturing a moment, a particular emotion. Learning an art, so simple at first sight, but so complex in reality. The freedom, the world contemplation through our eyes and camera. The passion is born. 


But all good things have an end right ? The covid pandemic put an end, which was pretty brutal by the way, to our life. 


We came back to France. An hard return to reality, source of many questioning. A perpetual struggle between the demands of reason and the calls from the heart. On one side, the desire to life of our passion. On the other side, the social pression of staying in a classic form of employment: having a boss, working from 8am to 5pm. 


After a year of struggle, we said fuck. Fuck to job security. Fuck to a classic life. Fuck. 


Life is way to short to not earn a living doing what we love. So here we are.  


Mégane and Valentin, autodidacts, thirsty for freedom, in awe for the beauty of our planet, and totally passionate about what we do. 


What about you ? 

Megane Foucher, founder of Fauvve
Valentin Bausire, founder of Fauvve
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